About Game Crusaders

The Game Crusaders website was created by Erik, Sonia and Piet during the spring of 2014. After playing videogames ever since we were old enough to hold a controller or sit behind an ancient computer, we fell in love with this futuristic form of entertainment.

Videogames have changed the world. Their ever-growing popularity has caused a shift in the global attitude towards gaming. It went from being just a weird hobby for “nerds” to becoming a legitimate form of entertainment for the masses, from going to LAN parties to massive multiplayer online games or everyday puzzle games that even your grandmother can enjoy.

Gaming has also changed and grown in a lot of ways. Whether that’s good or bad is a highly debated topic and it’s one that we will cover as Game Crusaders. You can find our rants, our praises, and our totally biased opinions regarding our favourite form of entertainment here.

Who are the Game Crusaders?

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