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My (unannounced) visit to the FromSoftware office in Japan

By | December 18, 2014

In the autumn of 2013 I travelled through Japan for two weeks. I had various cities and temples on my list of places to visit and one very peculiar destination, the FromSoftware studio. I am a fan of Dark Souls. It is my favourite game. It is a work of art that I have spent hundreds of hours looking at, contemplating, and experiencing. Dark Souls 2 was about four months… Read More »

No Fair Game episode #2: Superhuman NPCs

By | October 17, 2014

Captain Price Never Dies Bravely, I fight alongside this moustached commando. We travel all over the world risking our lives to prevent greater war. We fight for survival and make every bullet count. On plenty of occasions I see the game over screen as my health drops to zero, but on the retry I can always count on him to be by my side again. A warrior at heart, he… Read More »

No Fair Game episode #1: Immunity

By | July 27, 2014

With blood, sweat and tears I climb this tower in Final Fantasy VI. On the top floor awaits a terrible magical creature. Bravely I enter the battle and face my foe. The battle is fierce, long and I am struggling to survive. Sacrificing all my rare potions and remedies I finally deplete the boss’ HP. For one brief moment I sigh with relief and celebrate my victory – but it… Read More »